Married life is stressful sometimes. Juggling work, children, and our active lives can make it tough to show compassionate and patient love to your spouse every day.  Our ability to connect with our spouse wavers at times. We can get frustrated and confused with them as this world gives us this idea of what married life is and should be. But through scriptural wisdom and a practical approach, we will find that God has something different in mind for our marriage. In this 1st Love Seminar we will look at God's ideal of what marriage looks like and how we can work toward it. In our four session seminar we will discover:


  • Putting God 1st and His purpose and plan in your marriage (Foundation)

  • Connection and conflict resolution (Communication)

  • Preparing the way for a stable lifestyle (Finances)

  • Secrets to keeping the fire going (Intimacy) - remember, it's not just sex!


Regardless of where you are at in your marriage, remember that it is an investment. What you put into it, is what you will get out of it.  We want to look back on our marriages and see that we were flourishing and enjoying each other. In order to see that, we need to get back to the essentials, the first principals of marriage..... our 1st Love!

1st Love