Costa Rica

Good morning all! I hate to communicate this way, but we have some decisions to be made for our trip that really need to be made today. We have found an excellent deal on plane tickets that would have to be purchased today. In talking to Kenny, the cost to stay an additional day in Costa Rica (work on Friday, June 2nd and fly back home on Saturday, June 3rd) would be very low. We would essentially be able to spend an additional day working at the project, and it wouldn’t affect our total trip cost of $1200. If everyone would be able to do the extra day, then there is really no reason not to do that. If not, we would still like to purchase the plane tickets today as the deal we found is significantly cheaper than any other option that we have found up to this point.

Please LET ME KNOW your thoughts on this today so that we can go ahead and purchase these tickets either way.