We live in a day and age where guns are a hot topic. No matter where you stand on the issue, we all agree that those that own firearms need to be legal and well trained. With this in mind, we are offering a Firearm Training Class and Carry Permit Training for Lenoir City and surrounding areas. The cost is $50, and $20 dollars of every registration will go to Canvas Missions to help those serving at the Abraham Project in Costa Rica this May. 



The class will be at Canvas Church on Saturday, March 25th at 8am.  The instructional portion of the course will be approximately 4 hours and will be followed by lunch.  The testing portion of the course will take place at a LCPD Shooting Range.  We cannot give an exact time for the testing as it may be different for each individual.  



Lunch will be provided:  BBQ, cole slaw, beans, tea, water and dessert. 


Needed items: 

• Safe & Operable Handgun Storage

• * 50 Rounds of Manufactured Ammo (No Re-Loads)

• *Eye and Ear Protection (OSHA Approved)

• Confirmation Number (Please apply HERE)

*Earplugs will be available. 

*Handguns will be available to borrow.  If you plan on using a borrowed gun, please bring .40 S&W ammo.

Individuals completing the course will receive a certificate of completion from a state licensed firearms instructor.  This certificate will be good for six months and will have to be taken to the any full service Driver’s Services Center along with the other required items and fees* for the permit. The state requirements for a Carry Permit can be found HERE

*The Permit fee of $100 is due upon application and can be done within 6 months of course completion.

Class Topics: Firearm Nomenclature, Firearm Safety, Firearm Cleaning and Storage, Financial Liability and Consequences of Actions involving Firearms, Laws of Deadly Force, Laws of Carry permits and its requirements for Tennessee, Laws of Carry Permits and its requirements in other states besides Tennessee, Completed a Written Exam to Test Knowledge of Firearm Safety, Liability, Etc. Conducted Range Instruction and Qualification for Certification (50 Rounds) 

Fundamentals of Firearms: Grip, Stance, Sight Alignment, Sight Picture, Trigger Control, Breathing, Follow Through

General Knowledge: Clean Firearms after shooting or after storage of long periods, Three parts of a firearms; Frame, Action, and Barrel, Always point firearm muzzle in safe direction, Always wear eye and ear protection, Review and research current laws pertaining to the carry of Firearms, Store Firearms where their unobtainable from unauthorized persons.

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