What is Forget the Frock?

It is a movement started by a woman, Emily Fox, who loves Jesus and answered His call to do SOMETHING. That something was the decision to forego all the frilly frock (you know, dresses, suits, ties) that accompanied Resurrection Sunday attire and purchase a t-shirt that actually served a PURPOSE, a shirt that would feed a hungry child.  You can read the original story HERE.


How can you help?

Visit the Forget the Frock table at Canvas Church February 19th - March 5th and buy a shirt.  We will all be wearing our FTF shirts on Resurrection Sunday!  


We will also be setting aside two months of Dollar Days money to bless Camp Zion, so don't forget to bring $1 to Canvas on the last Sunday of the month.

On March 11th, we will be serving Camp Zion by helping them get ready for camp season.  There is something to do for all ages. Visit the Info Center and see James or visit Canvas Connect for more info.


Where does your money go?

All the profits from your purchase goes directly to caring for orphans.  Your tshirt provides food, water, medicine, education and most importantly, the discipleship of Jesus Christ.  At Feeding the Orphans, our ultimate goal is to spread the Gospel.  If we provide for their earthly needs, but do not tell them of our Savior then what have we done for them in the end?