Our Vision

At Canvas, we have a vision of being the most influential church in our community.  When we live the life we were created to live that happens naturally.  Because of this, it is our desire to see each person fulfill their purpose for the Kingdom!


Live. Grow. Serve

...Live - A lifestyle of worship is a principle that is echoed throughout scripture. It is our vision that every believer live a life free from fear and full of purpose.


...Grow - Growth should be constant throughout the lives of all Christians. It is our vision that every believer develop into a person of influence, empowered by the Holy Spirit.


...Serve - We are called to serve those within our reach. It is our vision that every believer use relationships, servanthood, and example to impact our community the love of God.

Core Values

-The Word of God: True, relevant, and authoritative in our lives.

​-Love: God’s example and gift.... our duty and responsibility. 


-Prayer: Communicating with God - Speaking, Listening, and Sharing.

-Worship: Expressing love and honor for God with our lives.

-The Arts: An essential part of worshiping, learning, communicating, and understanding.

-Relationships: Maintaining and building community among believers.

-Relevance: Connecting God’s timeless message to today’s culture.

-Service: Recognizing and responding to the needs of people.

-Family: Building strong marriages and families through individual growth.

-Excellence: Honoring God and inspiring people.